Kristian Kahrs, communicator

Often it is difficult for business leaders to know if they should go for an offensive or admit their mistakes in an apparent crisis. Here I can be a handy person to give good strategic communication advise to business leaders. I write apparent crisis because a crisis is not always a crisis. I know that I do not panic when I am under fire from mortars, artillery or snipers, and my experience in the strategic leadership of the political party the Democrats in Norway, makes me well equipped to keep a calm head in a storm. For more biographical information, please take a look at my clickable CV with links to a lot of events in my life.

I have always been a communicator, and I have been privileged to have lived a very interesting life. When I was a kid, I never hesitated to speak publicly, and in my adult life I have been a professional communicator. My first appearance as a journalist was in October 1992 when I was doing a feature story from a little shrimp trawler in the stormy Skagerrak ocean. On this trip I learned that it is not a good idea to puke against the wind…. 😉

Most the content on this site is in Norwegian, and most my LinkedIn contacts are Norwegian. Do not hesitate to connect if you think we can help each other. My lines of communication are open, and you are welcome to follow me or even become my Facebook friend 🙂

For more complete overview in English of who I am, please visit my other website,